encryption alone cannot protect you from Quantum Computing

Obfuscation is the new encryption.

HyperSphere is a completely novel approach to securing data that eliminates keys & key rotation, stops breaches and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems without adding bloat.

Ready to deploy through our APIs & SDKs

Disappear Your Data
HyperSphere uses proprietary, geo-spacial and time-synchronized mathematics to provide data obfuscation that compliments any existing encryption strategy. Data protected using HyperSphere's web-service can be programmatically 'disappeared' and revived to it's original state on demand. Our process removes keys altogether. This is as close to magic as zeros and ones can get.

Military grade data security directly from the command prompt - No Keys. No Learning Curve.
Become Post-Quantum Prepared
Quantum computing has outpaced all current data security best practices and standards. HyperSphere provides a solution to that massive problem.
Truly Keyless
With HyperSphere there are no keys - ever. You can't lose or steal a key that doesn't exist.
Easily 'shadow' or 'revive' your data anytime you need to directly from a command line.

Immutable protection for any digital data using novel geospatial & time-based mathematics.

What can HyperSphere protect?
Because our solution has been packaged into a simple to deploy web-service it can be used to protect virtually any type of digital content. Here are a few use cases.
True Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Using HyperSphere's technology digital creators, crypto enthusiasts, app developers and technologists alike can protect their work product easily and effectively granting permission-based access. Provide digitally immutable usage rights for permanent or limited access. - No more pirates or plagiarizers
Sensitive Personal & Corporate Data
Protect every document you currently store on your corporate servers, cloud repositories, flash drives and cloud accounts such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Box.com and others. - No more fever dreams about a data breach that compromise your firm's or family's financial security.
Web3, Metaverse & Digital Wagering

Provide virtual asset protection for NFTs, game skins, crypto assets, avatars, in-game currency, etc. Provide on-line gambling security for sports betting, casinos and virtual poker rooms that covers everything from the digital wallet to the player PII data.

How does HyperSphere benefit you?
  • Quantum Immune Protection
    HyperSphere compliments your encryption strategy and provides an additional dimension (literally) of protection in place for your data. Anonymity through Obfuscation
  • Save Time & Money
    HyperSphere allows your team to move fast and doesn't require replacing existing systems or learning new technologies and processes. Simply deploy using our APIs & SDKs
  • Increased Privacy & Compliance
    Experience superior data privacy and address the requirements of GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, PCI, SOC 2 all within the data layer of your application.
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