HyperSphere is a post-quantum data security solution built for the modern internet. Linear X&Y mathematics have been outpaced by quantum computers rendering them exponentially less effective against brute-force attacks and compromised keys. Using a spherical, time-based algorithm, our technology adds a whole new dimension to keeping data secure which is further fortified by time synchronization.
HyperSphere is the only data security tool that doesn't use encryption keys of any kind. Our patented data ‘shadowing’ technology is core to our quantum immune data protection (QIDP®) offering, which prevents any data from being hacked. Using HyperSphere to 'shadow' and 'revive' your data is the closest thing to magic you'll see in binary and is highly effective in protecting your most valuable assets from cyber attacks.
The Problem
Encryption is broken
As evidenced by the myriad news headlines telling of large corporations and brands whose valuable customer data and intellectual property has been compromised by a data breach. Compromised encryption keys are the attack vector for the vast majority of data breaches. Despite significant investment into various key rotation and sharding solutions data breaches are on the rise.

Our Solution
Eliminate the keys & hide the data
Using our proprietary, geo-spacial and time-synchronized algorithm we create a multi-dimensional model of your original data. We then select reference points along the X, Y & Z planes before removing your underlying data so that it can no longer be seen or accessed. What remains are the captured reference points which we call 'shadows'. These shadows obfuscate your data rendering it unusable, unintelligible and otherwise useless. You can revive your original data at any time using two or more shadows.
What is 'Data Shadowing'?
Our technology is a novel breakthrough in data protection that creates quantum immune “shadows” of data that dramatically improve data security. The original underlying data is removed so that only the shadows remain. When you need your original data back our algorithm revives it out of thin air. - Here is an oversimplified explanation.
Define Storage
You define where your data will be placed (e.g. - cloud storage, email, network server, etc.) when our technology turns it into shadows.
Create Shadows
We put your data through our proprietary, geo-spacial & time-synchronized algorithm to create multi-dimensional constructs (or shadows) of that data
Destroy Original
Once several shadows of your original data have been created and saved to your repositories of choice we can remove the original file so that it can't be compromised.
Revive Original
We can instantly recall the original data in its untouched state using two or more shadows that go back through our post-quantum fortified algorithm.
Frequently Asked Questions
Introducing a new paradigm can be challenging and often prompts questions. Particularly when if feels like magic.
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