HyperSphere offers unhackable data protection to elevate your data security and shield you from the threats of the future. Our technology’s versatility allows for a broad set of use cases and implementations into Web3 and your current environment. Built for the future of commerce with proven and patented products, we secure everything in your digital life today and in the future.

From cryptowallets, NFTs, and all things blockchain, metaverse, and Web3, Hypersphere is here to lockdown your most valuable electronic assets.

The Real Deal

Why HyperSphere?

We immutably protect any digital data.

Digital / Crypto Wallets


(and other Blockchain Assets / Transactions)

Personal & Financial Information

Legal Documents


Intellectual Property

Anti-Piracy Value Proposition

Securely protected and traceable intellectual property data throughout production lifecycle
Defend against piracy across multiple channels – production, downloads, streams, etc.
Profoundly reduce & mitigate risks associated with piracy in the digital age