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HyperSphere Shadowing Technology

Shadowing technology is a radical breakthrough in data protection that creates quantum immune “shadows” to regenerate data on demand. The technology works with any form of pre-existing encryption or security paradigm. Our patented technology is globally available via a RESTful API to be easily integrated into any company offering.

Stop hacking.  Start shadowing and protecting.

What is shadowing technology?

Our patented technology permits data to be created, used, “shadowed,” and then destroyed. The shadowed data is never persistently stored. When the data needs to be accessed, a pre-defined number of shadows (current options are 2, 3, or 4) are used to regenerate the data.

The genesis of shadowing was protecting cryptographic keys. Shadowing is a very complex concept. It is best explained graphically:

In this figure, the “bubbles” (technically hyperspheres) are shadows of the key in the middle. Four shadows are shown. However, virtually any number of shadows may be generated. The key is then destroyed. Think of melting a physical key – it is simply gone. However, if enough shadows are presented, the key is regenerated. Think of re-forging a key you need to get into some structure.

Shadows may be tied to people, devices, or both. Shadows may also be revoked without interaction with the people or devices that hold them.

Why does this matter?

Data, including access keys (i.e., encryption keys typically stored using a key management system) that is stored can be hacked or stolen. With our technology, the data does not exist except when needed for use. But when you need the data back, you get it.

Is secure storage of data a significant problem?

Yes. Organizations have lost literally billions of dollars due to exposure of data, including encryption keys due to advances in math and today’s use of quantum computers. In addition, even if the organization catches potential exposure before incurring direct losses, they may have to take remedial steps regarding the compromised data. Doing so is a very expensive process, especially for large organizations.

What is quantum cryptography?

Quantum cryptography leverages quantum computing to process information in a radically new way. Applications include factoring large numbers. The ability to factor a large number renders most current cryptographic solutions obsolete.

Is shadowing technology immune to quantum computing?

Yes. No one shadow contains any information about the protected data to subject that shadow to any form of hacking, including quantum computing. The shadows are essentially random coordinates in n-dimensional space that only have meaning when integrated with a sufficient number of other shadows.

Can anyone else guarantee this level of security?

No. Solutions created before our shadowing technology are based on Shamir’s Shared Secret polynomial based concepts, data splitting, and the like. These solutions permit exfiltration of data even if less than a sufficient number of parts of the “shared secret” is accessible.

How much processing power does it take to run shadowing technology?

Very little. Indeed, shadowing technology is lightning fast and transparent to the end user.

What type of data does shadowing technology protect?

The genesis of shadowing technology was protecting encryption keys. However, shadowing technology has been tested to protect data up to 1,000,000 bits.

Examples of such data are shown in the following chart:


Does shadowing technology enhance other data security?

Yes. Shadowing technology improves your current security paradigm. We can simply add another level of protection. Are you using AES, IDEA, or RSA? Our technology future proofs today’s outdated security, saving you money and time. Moreover, shadowing technology may be used to revoke a password hat has been shadowed without anyone else involved, so the ability to access sensitive data is removed from someone at any time you deem necessary.

Can you replace my current security with shadowing technology?

Yes. However, that is a more involved conversation. Please contact us if you would like to discuss. For example, are you storing redundant copies of data at multiple places? Each of those places is a security risk – a potential single point of failure. With shadowing technology, we ensure that no single point of failure exists.