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Shadowing Technology Demo

What is Shown?

The video shows 10 key shadows generated for a randomly selected 512-bit master key. Every possible combination of four of those 10 key shadows was then used to regenerate the master key. Unlike in a commercial use case, the master key was retained to verify it was properly regenerated every time. The retained master key was NOT used in the regeneration process.

While the math behind HyperSphere technology is very complex, coding for it can run quickly with a small CPU and memory footprint. For example, the video was based on running HyperSphere technology by a laptop with a standard AMD A6 processor. It has also been run by platforms ranging from a Raspberry Pi to a server.

Number of Tries

As shown in the demo video, a master key has been successfully regenerated almost 1.6 million times. A little math: four out of 10 key shadows for a master key can be combined in 5,040 ways. After running through all of those combinations, a new master key was randomly selected and the process re-started. Thus, regeneration of almost 900 master keys from 5,040 possible combinations of associated key shadows is shown.

Is There More?

YES! HyperSphere has been run over many months with literally millions of master keys regenerated from every possible combination of four out of 10 key shadows WITH NO FAILURES. Application of the technology to master keys as large as 65,536 bits, generation of more than 100 key shadows per master key, and other variations have been successfully validated.